LITTLE BIG BRANDS offers the best of both worlds. The creative and strategic rigor of a global branding firm with the sensibility and hands-on approach of a boutique agency.

chicken of the sea logo

we make mermaid moves

Chicken of the Sea’s first full re-brand in 20 years is a masterclass on evolving a heritage brand.

you’re right
where you belong

Brands from start-ups to Fortune 500s trust LBB to get it right. Let’s talk projects, partnerships and everything in between.
little spoon logo

little spoon grows up

With phenomenal growth comes challenges. This was the perfect moment for Little Spoon to adopt a more unified, modern visual palette.

elevate what’s on your pup’s plate

Halo Elevate wanted the product to do the talking with complete transparency. The result is shelf impact at its finest.

no post-decision regrets here

LBB and Lactaid paired up like cookies and cream to refresh their line of ice cream, increasing appetite appeal while simplifying the design.

wipe right for eco goodness

This new innovation from AJAX allowed a heritage brand to capitalize on Millennials and GenZ-ers values.

lookin’ like
a snack

The category had exploded but Simply 7 had remained the same. See how we helped the brand establish leadership status once again.

getting happy and healthy one meal at a time

From one size fits all to inclusivity and personalization. We helped Nutrisystem uncover and capitalize on trends that connect with their brand and consumers.

nature meet science

How do you introduce the cure for the common cold? It was a great responsibility to find this new brand’s voice, combining efficacy, science and the power of nature.
kind logo

the superhero
of snacking

Kind Kids brings healthy ingredients in a package kids and moms find hard not to pick up. It’s supercharged snacking in the grocery aisle.

inspired by the woman herself

It was time for this brand to fully embrace Maya’s boldness and purpose, infusing bespoke patterns inspired by her Indian heritage.


We helped the brand evolve from a diet-centric positioning to modern health-conscious goodness. The result is lighthearted and delicious!

the wunder down under

2020 brought a new focus for Bolthouse Farms with the goal of leading the plant-based food movement. Enter Wunderoots.

backslash, underscore & the kitchen sink

Let’s use all the tools in our kit to give your brand a razor’s edge. We offer elevated thinking, compelling design, nimble digital strategy and content, and that’s just the beginning.

embrace your inner unicorn

How will you change the world? That’s where we start, and we build a bespoke process around that one, simple inspiring moment. Just like there is rarely the same answer to that question, there is also no ‘formula’ process that is going to get you to the answer.



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