Wunderoots Branding Celebrates the Carrot

Oct 27, 2021

Plant-based brand relies on packaging to educate shoppers

Bolthouse Farms, makers of the Wunderoots line of carrot-based alternatives to traditional foods, partnered with design firm Little Big Brands (White Plains, NY) to create a new packaging presentation.

Inspired by the name Wunderoots, the firm developed a hand-drawn identity paying tribute to the carrot that is both customizable and ownable. Unique illustrations combine with a clean organization of pack information to help shoppers understand the product offering.

“We wanted to create imagery that would stand out in the category and help communicate the product to the consumer,” said Pamela Long, Little Big Brands’ director of client services. “Since this might be a new proposition for many, the package design has to work hard to educate consumers at the shelf.”

Republished from BXP, September 27, 2021.

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