Weathered Souls

A global health crisis did not halt production at Weathered Souls Brewing. In fact, it was the catalyst for some real soul searching. A hometown brewery built on the belief that everyone deserves the right to enjoy a good beer, Weathered Souls Brewing Co. took the time to initiate a brand redesign that would honor its heritage, and stand out in a sea of craft beer sameness.

It was clear to us very quickly that Weathered Souls was a young brewery with an old soul. That inspired us to reimagine their identity by layering contemporary design elements with vintage-inspired, handcrafted typography, a nod to the origin stories that inspire the craft brewery.

Our brand redesign of Weathered Souls Brewing Co. celebrates the feeling of community shared among craft beer enthusiasts. We also developed a library of brand assets, each with a subtle nod to the uniqueness of every weathered soul.