Spanning across the DTC space, Nutrisystem is a weight loss plan that’s tailored to your goals, body type and favorite food choices. With customized meal plans, the brand empowers consumers to live a healthy lifestyle that meets their personal goals.

With this launch, the team capitalized on evolving Nutrisystem from a dated weight loss brand to an engaging and relevant lifestyle brand, moving from a restrictive and reactive, one size fits all approach to a more pervasive and personalized program. Throughout our project journey we partnered with key stakeholders, nutritionists and dietitians to bring the Nutrisystem brand to life.

Today’s consumer is attracted to brands that connect with them on a more emotional and supportive level. We leaned into this insight wholeheartedly as we developed the new packaging. The new design positions Nutrisystem as the expert within the category, highlighting the product’s deliciousness coupled with a vibrant color palette to express optimism and customization. The Nutrisystem brandmark sits proudly on a cream background, evoking a sense of trust and confidence.