There are several core values that speak to the heart and soul of Little Big.


Relationships are the backbone of our company. Relationships with clients, vendors, employees – without them, we wouldn’t be here. Relationships are what make our jobs fun and rewarding, and we look forward to coming to work each day and spending those days with people we like, respect and learn from. We are proud to be able to say that most of our relationships are long-held – many going back before the agency was even conceived.


With changing economic times, we’ve seen many agencies focus more and more on profitability. That doesn’t work for us. Our reputation and livelihood depend on having the integrity to do what’s right for our clients, and that means you get the right people working on your job for however long it takes to do the job well. That also means that we don’t recycle design or give you answers that you want to hear when we know those answers are not realistic. We do what’s right, each time, every time.


We don’t have all the answers. We depend on true collaboration and healthy respect with our clients, employees and partners to develop the best work possible. We take this value very seriously when we’re deciding whether or not to work with a client, and have found without mutual respect projects often fall apart.


We’re curious creatures here at Little Big. We find inspiration all around us and bring that curiosity to each project. We’re seasoned enough to know, however, that creativity without control can be dangerous in our business. To be effective, creativity must to be tempered with respect for a brand and its equities, and also must be cognizant of the logistical and financial realities our clients face.


It’s true that designers created the prettiest garbage, and we feel we have a responsibility to create as little as possible. Overpackaging a product is not only a way to turn off today’s green-seeking consumers; it can bring down profitability. We’ll be your partner in finding the smartest solutions, using only the packaging you need.