The Cloud is our Jockstrap

Sep 26, 2017

They told us it couldn’t be done.
That our team was too small.
Our name was too weird.
And our egos, they just weren’t big enough.
But we forged ahead
with our big ideas,
our fearless clients
and our mechanical clapping monkey.
Now look at us.
We are the champions.
Champions of the underdogs.
This team is all courage
and fight
and ferocity.
(And football costumes
and hipster costumes
and spaceman costumes.)
Every day is our Super Bowl.
We are the brand warriors,
giving identities to the lost,
voices to the voiceless
and packaging to the packageless.
Coffee is our Gatorade.
The Cloud is our jockstrap.
Pantone is our Peyton.
This game gets our blood, sweat and tears,
so bring on the Brand Battle of 2014
with its big smack talk of micro-videos,
flat funnels and
data deceleration.
We will crush it all.
Because they said it couldn’t be done.
And they can kiss our little big brands.

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