Taking everything seriously…except ourselves.

Sep 26, 2017

Our story begins in New York – center of the branding universe. Where turtlenecks and hipsters collide to dazzle clients with proprietary trademarked processes to solve their every challenge. Where water cooler banter provokes heated debates about engagement, synergy and authenticity. Where evolution vs. revolution can mean the difference between a Pentaward and a pink slip.

Now imagine the opposite of that, and you would have Little Big Brands. We reserve turtlenecks for winter sports and handlebar mustaches for Movember. While procuring coffee or water, we are likely discussing our kids or dogs, and we are trying desperately to erase the word ‘pop’ from our vocabulary. We sure do like winning awards, but we’ll trade the lucite and annuals any day for a happy, profitable client. We’re a unique voice in a sea of sameness. We’re not branding as usual. Spend the next 2.5 minutes with us and see if you agree.

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