Standing Out from the Crowd at Shelf

Sep 26, 2017

Very few categories exist in the drug or grocery store where a single brand owns the shelf. The more common scenario is a dozen brands, all vying for consumers’ attention – national brands, niche brands, store brands, no-name brands – it’s as confusing for marketers as it is for consumers these days. And the big question is how do you win in that scenario? How do you truly stand out from the crowd?

I’d love to get all lofty and strategic on you, but there is no one right or wrong answer to how you go about carving out an ownable space for a brand. Many times it does start with strategy – uncovering the golden nugget that your brand can embody better than anyone else. It can also be taking an unexpected approach to solving a need. Lastly, let’s not knock really smart design. Whether it’s structure, graphics, merchandising or a combination of elements, great design gets noticed.

It’s so refreshing when a company comes along and challenges conventional thinking, and that’s where I’d like to start. I want to share with you a brand that is by no means first to market but has taken an unorthodox approach to launching a new line of products that you can’t help but admire.

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