Ready Snax, KIND, Snuggle and Summers Eve win Creativity International Awards

Sep 21, 2018

Project Title: Ready Snax
Client or Class Name: Ready Pac Foods, Inc

Snacking on the go is all about convenience and transparency, easy to eat, with tasty, fresh ingredients that are super appetizing and clearly on view. LBB was tasked to redesign the packaging for the Ready Snax® line, a 9 SKU line up of fresh snacks from Ready Pac Foods. The ingredients were good enough to take a center stage so LBB used the transparent label to it’s best advantage, introducing leaf like graphics to hold the claims and flavor names, with a tasty pop of color that further cued the flavor and upped the appetite appeal. Project Title: KIND Fruit Bites
Client or Class Name: KIND, LLC

The challenge was to develop packaging for a new offering by KIND, a new fruit snack that is actually made from real fruit, a yummy taste that kids love and all the attributes that parents love too, gluten free, non GMO, no preservatives. Conveniently packaged for an on the go snack that adds a serving of fruit to your kid’s day, the packaging is as simple and tasty as the offering! Project Title: Snuggle Scentables
Client or Class Name: Sun Products Corporation

Sun Products approached LBB with a brief to design graphics for their new super premium laundry scent booster, housed in unique squeezable bottle to allow the consumer to use as much or as little as they desired. The graphics needed to showcase all the Snuggle equities and present them in a contemporary and fun way. Communicating the premium nature of the product, the enticing fragrance and the long lasting scents were all at the top of the brief. We knew we were talking to Moms 35-54, looking to add that extra touch to their families’ laundry at a great value. Snuggle needed to stand out with this new offering. Project Title: Simply Summer’s Eve
Client or Class Name: Simply Summer’s Eve

Develop impactful package design that clearly communicates key benefits (ie freshness without the harmful ingredients) in a compelling way for Summer’s Eve line extension – Simply Summer’s Eve.

Project description – To launch in the spring of 2017. The line will be called – Simply Summer’s Eve, and will include 6 items at launch. The name, packaging structure and key claims have already been determined. LBB was tasked to bring Simply Summer’s Eve vision to life through compelling package design. The challenge was the trend among millennial women, to use more simple, natural and “free from” products, with simpler ingredient lists, however, they still want to feel confident these products will actually work. LBB wanted to help to introduce a “simpler” line of Summer’s Eve products -same great odor control /freshness now with all natural cleansers and without the harsh ingredients. We wanted to send signal to the consumer there is something new at shelf. Reinforce the simple/natural strategy and to leverage Summer’s Eve core equities. Read More

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