Simply 7: Crave-worthy chips for the guiltless snacker

Oct 14, 2020

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again–we can’t stop snacking. Lucky for us, Simply 7 has always done snacking right: healthy ingredients packed into more than seven satisfying bites. When they asked us to refresh their package design, we said, “Can you pass the delicious and healthy chips?”

This was a fun one. Mouths full, our team drew inspiration from and highlighted the wholesome, better-for-you ingredients. We transformed the Simply 7 brand identity, to a showstopper that excites today’s retailers and consumers alike. It celebrates healthy ingredients through custom photography in a bulls-eye of ingredients. The unique-to-category color palette pops at shelf, and it all just looks so delicious (trust us, we’re simply obsessed).

Breaking news: The new-look just won a 2020 GDUSA Package Design Award! Thanks to our client–and a little chip salt thrown over the shoulder for good luck.


Designed by LBB

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