Masked Beauty wins a GDUSA Design Award

Apr 9, 2020

Republished from GDUSA & DSN

Lornamead launched a new line of Masked Beauty products, looking to capture market share by offering these high-end items at “mass-market prices.” The New York-based company is offering six SKUs in the line, all designed to encourage multiple purchases for different benefits.

The products are the Purifying Charcoal and Diamond, Exfoliating Coffee and Chocolate, Toning Red Clay, Moisturizing Ginkgo and Red Oat, Overnight Pistachio and Soothing Rose and Peony facial masks.  Each product contains a specific benefit that plays nicely off one another, which should create incremental sales. Part of Lornamead’s efforts to bring more affordable, quality products into mass outlets. 

Masked Beauty was designed by LBB and won a GDUSA Award in 2019.

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