Little Spoon Plates: Terribly good fun for the terrible twos

Oct 14, 2020

Our creative partnership with the Little Spoon team is legendary (in our minds). Our award-winning designs helped the company deliver
 6 million healthy, convenient meals to babies nationwide. But babies don’t stay babies forever–they become toddlers, and toddlers want to hold their own little spoon.

Little Spoon knows the transition from baby food to real food is not always easy for the tot–or the busy parent who values nutrition and time. Some days, quibbling over mashed peas is just not an option. Here comes the genius idea: Little Spoon Plates hides veggies and superfoods in delicious, familiar shapes and textures, and tots can’t get enough!

Our job couldn’t have been more fun. We designed a brand as creative as the kids themselves. We styled the food and the colors to jump off the shelf like a puppet show book. Best of all, the initial public offering sold out after only 2 weeks!

Designed by LBB

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