LBB Helps Halo Lead The Pack

May 20, 2022

Doubling Down On Purple

Little Big Brands has helped Halo debut a rebrand of its Holistic pet food line and introduce Elevate, a new brand that prides itself on its nutritional benefits and complete transparency. “Our goal with the Halo work was to absolutely dominate the aisle, said Richard Palmer, executive creative director, Little Big Brands. “We doubled down on purple as our brand color, introduced playful and real imagery and made some hard choices about communication on pack, to create a brand consumers could easily shop.”

For Holistic, the design team explored the work through the human food lens, moving away from a “dated illustrative design to a super-premium modern look that celebrates the clean formulations of the product.”  This included the addition of pet imagery as well as chef cuts that call attention to key ingredients. As for the new Elevate line, the team wanted to eliminate the uncertainty and complexity of what consumers are feeding their pets with complete transparency. They did this by breaking away from the clutter and cliched imagery. Says Palmer: “Less is more. Simplicity is really the key in conveying this premium positioning. And keeping it real. Consumers relate to moments they can identify with.”

Adds CEO Scott Lerner: “Our mission for Better Choice Company is to push the boundaries and Little Big Brands accepted our challenge to be bold and differentiated.”


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