LBB Freshens Buitoni Pasta Brand

Jul 1, 2023

Custom-Shot Photography To Boost Flavor Appeal

During the pandemic, consumers were forced to stay and eat at home and, as a result, there was a surge in growth in the refrigerated pasta industry and lots more competition. Emerging into the post-COVID era, Buitoni decided to reignite the brand reflective of their new positioning — “Buitoni, a fresh way to think about dinner.”

Little Big Brands was tasked with a redesign that underscored freshness without losing decades of rich visual history. The result: a reworked the communications hierarchy that enhances the brand and drives flavor appeal with custom-shot product and ingredient photography as the focus, rather than competing marketing messages. The graphics, explains the LBB team, is crafted in a way to preserve as much clear space as possible, to allow consumers to see the product in the package.

States Jim Gerbo, Chief Marketing Officer at Buitoni Food Company: “Overall, Little Big Brand’s redesign was able to simplify, modernize, and increase appetite appeal, while staying true to our legacy and values.” LBB is an independent, award-winning brand development and design agency; Buitoni was founded in 1827 in Italy.


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