Bistro Favorites by Land O’Frost Reveals Fresh Look branded by LBB and featured in Perishable News

May 26, 2021

Munster, IN — Today, Land O’Frost, Inc., one of the nation’s best-selling brands of pre-sliced deli meats and a producer of specialty meats, announced a brand re-design and three new mouthwatering flavors for its Bistro Favorites® deli meat brand. Bistro Favorites is one of the fastest-growing natural deli meat brands, reaching 42% growth in consumer sales in 20201. The brand attributes this success to the increase in at-home meal prep over the past year, while also satisfying a previously unmet need in the natural meat segment: pairing artisanal quality and unmatched taste appeal with all natural ingredients. On the heels of this growth, the redesign and expanded flavor options reinforce Bistro Favorites’ focus to go all in on its unique position in the category as a hand-seasoned, flavor-forward lunchmeat.

The Revamped Design Over the past year, more people than ever have prepared meals at home, with 71% of Americans2 stating that they will continue this trend after the pandemic. The revamped Bistro Favorites brand and new artisan flavors are designed to make everyday sandwich and meal prep at home a more enjoyable and tasty experience. The new design includes a uniquely crafted, hand-drawn Bistro Favorites logo to evoke a modern bistro, while life-like ingredient and sandwich imagery provide inspiration and a reminder of the brand’s unique, handcrafted offerings.

“With rich consumer insights underscoring the demand for high-quality, flavorful deli sandwiches at home, we set about to modernize the brand to further spotlight the artisanal flavor and all-natural benefits of Bistro Favorites,” said Richard Palmer, Creative Director for Little Big Brands. “The textures, typography and ingredient flavor cues of the new design are intended to stand out to flavor enthusiasts and speak to at-home craftsmanship in the kitchen.”

The New Artisan Flavors To further deliver its hand-seasoned, flavor-forward lunch meat to consumers, Bistro Favorites added three new small batch, artisan quality flavors to its line-up: Maple Bourbon Uncured Ham, Cajun Style Turkey Breast and Savory Herb Turkey. These new additions carry out the brand’s promise to provide interesting flavors that go beyond the lunchmeat basics and meet the demand for more variety.

“Bistro Favorites has long been a leader in delivering deli meats that elevate quality and provide incomparable flavor. As a result of the pandemic, there’s been a noticeable shift in the eating patterns of Gen Z and Millennial consumers who are dining out less and less and preparing the majority of their meals at home. Through our research, we’ve learned there’s a segment of these consumers who make purchases driven by product quality and flavor experiences,” said Candace M. Cage, Brand Manager at Land O’Frost. “With the redesign and addition of the new flavors, we are leaning on our ability to engage these shoppers and ensuring we continue to provide artisanal, quality products that they will love.”

The newly rebranded packaging and flavors will roll out onto grocery store shelves nationwide throughout April 2021. To learn more about Bistro Favorites, visit and follow us on Instagram, and Facebook.

About Bistro Favorites In 2008, a small group from Land O’Frost, Inc. came together to explore how to make flavorful deli meat the way it’s supposed to be made. The result is Bistro Favorites®—crafted and seasoned by hand and naturally smoked with real hardwood chips to deliver the most unique, flavorful natural deli meats. With Bistro Favorites, flavor enthusiasts can enjoy crafting delicious every day. For more information, visit

About Land O’Frost Founded in 1958, Land O’Frost, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pre-sliced deli meats, breakfast meats and specialty hot dogs and sausages. The company is the largest family-owned brand of packaged deli meat in the U.S. Leading brands marketed by Land O’Frost include: Land O’Frost Premium® Meat, the top-selling deli pouch in the U.S.; DeliShaved® and Bistro Favorites®. Land O’Frost products can be found in supermarkets and mass merchandisers nationwide. Headquartered in Munster, Ind., the company operates three manufacturing facilities in Lansing, Ill., Madisonville, Ky. and Searcy, Ark. For more information, please visit

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2Source: (2021, January 14) America Keeps On Cooking: Second Wave of Quantitative Research Reveals Long Term Impact of the Pandemic on Americans’ Food Habits

Republished from Perishable News, April 7th, 2021.

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