Introducing the World’s Next Great Artist… Your Computer?

Feb 16, 2023

With the recent talk of all things AI, our studio has been having some lively conversations about the subject, and what it could mean for the world of branding and design.

One of the tools most talked about in the design world is AI Illustrations and art, which is causing an uproar with traditional artists. These programs grab styles and references from artists and compile images…’art’. AI Artists are then credited for the image. Interesting for sure, but to what degree do we consider these tech savvy folks ‘artists’. Even more confusing is considering who does, and who should, own the rights.

Is AI illustration the future of design? Will companies begin using AI platforms to create their brands? What does that say about the integrity of the brand? And what does it mean for the future of branding agencies?  All questions we will surely start to see more people in our industry asking as platforms like this surface.

As we have seen time and time again, technology can be an incredible tool, but often an incomplete one. As a branding agency, we know and feel confident that branding goes far beyond just making a quick logo or plugging in AI generated designs. Each client and brand is unique and has myriad nuance to consider. No computer can replace the human mind when it comes to creativity based in solid strategic thinking, human knowledge and category experience.

So while there will always be people who opt for quick and easy, we’ll be here for the brands who understand the value of the human experience in art and design. 

Thanks for reading our thoughts on this subject!

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