In the condom aisle

Nov 15, 2022

The condom aisle is perhaps one of the most dated categories in the store. It’s dark, moody and cliché male. Traditional roles and standards are a thing of the past though, with younger consumers living in a culture of devices and anonymity, creating a real challenge in the category.  More millennials are substituting sexting, porn, and hookups-on-demand instead of relationships. And while the category is selling closeness, consumers are struggling with real, meaningful connections.

To address this, the LBB team immersed ourselves in the category and determined that LifeStyles needed to take a big step forward. There was a significant watchout though: consumers don’t take risks with condoms, so whatever we recommended, paramount was embracing quality and promoting trust. 

Partnering with LifeStyles, LBB embarked on a creative journey that didn’t conform to stereotypes of age, sexual orientation, body type or disability. We developed a new positioning that broke away from social and gender norms, and leaned into the brand’s true purpose: To Create a Sex Positive Society. The brand identity and design followed to bring this positioning to life.

We developed branding and packaging with the goal of simplifying, demystifying and guiding consumers. We wanted the packaging to reflect inclusivity and connection. The interlocking S of the identity personifies this, which is then rotated to create interlocking circles and provides an iconic system that differentiates the product offerings. All this on a white background to support cleanliness and trust but also to bring a little levity to the proposition.

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