Hyland’s products have been trusted by generations of moms, combining natural ingredients to provide healing solutions parents can feel comfortable giving to even their youngest children. But through the years the natural strength that they were known for had been lost in the brand’s visual presence and a host of natural players had entered the market that were much more telegraphic with that message. It was time for Hyland’s to own natural strength again.

The redesign stepped away from child illustrations used previously on the kid medications and baby photography on infant products. Instead, a range of adorable storybook-like creatures were developed that speak to the benefits of the products. They also work incredibly well on digital touchpoints and can even be animated.

Next came a confident new upright brandmark that screamed natural efficacy and became a bullseye on pack. It is also a powerful tool to help consumers identify multiple products across multiple shelves. The carton canvas went to a clean modern white, which allowed the illustrations and brand to be heros on shelf. The combination strikes the perfect balance of natural efficacy.