Fresh design. Fresh thinking. But not green to the category.

Jul 30, 2021

Got a fresh product concept for the produce aisle? Is your brand feeling stale on shelf? Lettuce help you get into your target’s homes and hearts via our best-in-class research, strategy and design. With 20 years’ experience, we’ve got chops that can’t be beet.

Our top insights for 2021:

Transparency & Traceability – Consumers are more attuned to the importance of where products come from and what they’re made of. And brands are responding by promising transparency.

Certification for Citizen Brands – A whole range of certifications tell consumers which food brands are good for the earth, animals, or workers. 

Free-from, Function Forward – For years, brands have added claims to tell you what’s inside. Now more than ever, the “no-baddies” are just as important, with many brands making the “free-froms” closely linked to their brand. Related, COVID-19 has boosted interest in functional foods that deliver wellbeing benefits like immunity, sleep support and stress management.

Goodness in Imperfection – Consumers are rejecting the veneer of perfection in favor of the authenticity and honesty of the real and natural and are increasingly attuned to the issue of food waste. The result? Growing interest in imperfect foods, both as a movement and as a brand.  

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