Do you want consumers grabbing your package?

Mar 7, 2023

Big or small, we know how to make your package stand out!

Thanks for giving us a scan and letting us introduce ourselves. Little Big Brands is a brand strategy and design agency obsessed with creating beautiful brands that get results. Brands that break through the clutter, have a unique point of view and provide meaningful solutions. We’d love to understand your brand challenges and see if we can help!

Give us a shout Now get back to tasting plant-based everything! xoxo

Meet our brand ballers representing at Expo West:

Crystal Bennett (Biz Dev) – Self proclaimed brand fanatic and die-hard New Yorker, Crystal keeps things spicy and is at the forefront of emerging trends. You can always spot her in a crowd, just look for the iconic hair. Favorite part of Expo: All those new people to connect with!

Richard Palmer (Creative) – Richard is a true renaissance man and a transplant from across the pond. He has the ability to juggle left and right brain to create brands that are both beautiful and effective. He’s a master of all categories – food, personal care, even pet. Favorite part of Expo: Did someone say better-for-you cocktails?

Ben Glotzer (Creative) – Ben is part artist, part scientist and 100% hard core foodie. He’s designed in every category but the sweet and savory projects are his weakness.

 If you can’t find him in the studio, he’ll be in the kitchen, or grill, or smoker. Favorite part of Expo: Taste Testing!

Pamela Long (Client Service) – Pam has spent her career guiding and launching some of the most ground breaking purpose-driven brands – brands that change lives. She asks the tough questions that helps a brand own and celebrate their unique DNA. Favorite part of Expo: Uncovering hidden gems and calling B.S. on brands that aren’t authentic


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