Bringing the Ethel’s Promise to Life

Nov 1, 2021

Little Big Brands Designs Packaging For Ethel’s Baking Co.

Michigan-based Ethel’s Baking Co. may make the best baked goods that most of the country has never heard of, but that is sure to change given their dramatic new redesign that is flying off shelves. Ethel’s worked with branding agency, Little Big Brands, who crafted a new identity and shelf presence that embodied the heart and soul of this brand. The goal was creating a modern interpretation of Ethel’s that solved shelf challenges and prepared them for national exposure.

“When we sat down with the Ethel’s team to discuss working together, it was easy to tell that this is so much more than a job for them — it’s a family legacy,” said Richard Palmer, Little Big Brands’ Executive Creative Director. “Profit and success are truly secondary to creating amazing baked goods that everyone can enjoy. It was impossible not to be inspired by this dedication to the craft.”

Ethel was a real person and the brand was created because of her, so before any design could be presented, the brand story needed to be written in a way that was meaningful for consumers and authentic for Ethel’s.

The designs that were ultimately crafted brought the flavors, as well as the handmade nature of the products themselves to life. Custom drawn typography and carefully cultivated illustrations are the key to this redesign’s success.

“Our new packaging design received tremendous feedback from current retail partners who overwhelmingly allowed us to expand our offerings with them as well as secure enhanced placement,” Jill Bommarito, Founder & CEO, Ethel’s Baking Co says. “We’ve also been able to secure significant distribution with new retail partners.The process was a lot of fun for us as well because Little Big Brands truly ‘got’ us.”

Reprinted from Food & Beverage.

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