Brands we’ve been CRUSHIN’ on this Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day from LBB! In honor of the day of love, we’ve been chatting about the brands that set our hearts a-flutter. Who are we crushin’ on you ask?

Sherwin Williams:

“I have been crushing on Sherwin Williams in an obsessive, unhealthy, stalker-esque way for years. No one wants to cover the earth in paint – it’s toxic and not PC (just like my obsession). I don’t understand – how has this brand not evolved?? While this branding may have worked for our parents and grandparents, it’s irrelevant for current and future generations. You have good products @SherwinWilliams, make my Valentine’s dream come true and let us help you!” -Pam Long (Partner/Director of Client Services). 

Zico Coconut Water:

“This brand, is fresh, clean and refreshing in its category while its main competitors look extremely dated. But I wish they’d play into the natural sustainability opportunities presented by the Coconut itself. With the environment in mind, I think there are compelling ways to add consumer value and attraction with a mission or structural innovation that is better for the planet.” -Richard Palmer (Executive Creative Director).

Cozy Earth: 

Cozy Earth Silk Comforter - All Season | Travisdavid

“Cozy Earth sheets are just totally awesome and comfortable. I wish their branding was more unique and more reflective of how great the brand and quality is. This would be a DREAMY client” -John Nunziato (Founder/Creative Director). 

Trader Joe’s:

“Oh Trader Joe’s, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Customer service is A+. They literally walk you across the store to the product you are seeking and go in the back to find items if they are not on the shelf. There are always new surprising products with exciting flavors to try. The seasonal selections are fun and adorable and keep the kids (and adults) engaged. The product names are quirky and fun, no need to take themselves too seriously. Best freezer section ever! Bonus: Prices are super reasonable. This is definitely a bucket list client for me.” -Crystal Bennett (Partner/Director of Business Development). 

If any of you are looking for a branding hook up this Valentine’s day, slide into our DMs @littlebigbrands!

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