AJAX Targets Millenials and GenZ-ers

Oct 8, 2021

Bridging The Gap For A Legacy Brand

Little Big Brands has partnered with the EU Colgate team to develop branding and packaging for Ajax’s new line of sustainable, plant-based disinfecting wipes for the European market. The new product, created by a venerable heritage brand, represents an opportunity to grow the category with Millennials and GenZ-ers for whom eco-friendly and sustainability is a driving force behind what they buy.

“Just because legacy brands are known to all, doesn’t mean that they have the same relationship with consumers of different ages,” observes Richard Palmer, Executive Creative Director, Little Big Brands. “And while a brand like Ajax may be known and trusted, it still might not feel as relevant to younger consumers who crave brands that speak more to their purpose and represent their values. When you bridge that gap is when a brand can really have a tremendous impact. With Ajax Plant-based wipes that meant downplaying the role of AJAX on pack. We still needed to anchor the pack with that strength but the size and stature is much more of a support role rather than a lead.”

Based on consumer research, the LBB team was convinced they would need to deliver a minimal design that felt simple yet chic. That meant exploring designs that spanned three visual territories: Eco Lush, which leveraged greens, whites and plant-based codes; Fresh & Fun, featuring vibrant color codes that reflect the brand’s optimism; and Earthy Modern, favoring earthy colors and simplified codes. Palmer notes: “The gorgeous, plant-based patterns are design language that appeal to younger consumers while telegraphically speaking to the product benefits and promise. Clean, organized information rounds out the pack and speaks to the simplicity seen on smaller, millennial-centric brands.”

Republished from GDUSA.

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