April Fools: Introducing 5 Springy New Services from LBB!

Apr 1, 2019


A fresh bouquet of new services for you

Yay for spring! The flowers are blooming. The baby birds are hatching. Even the crabby guy in accounting is smiling. What better time for some happy news from LBB? We’re thrilled to announce five new cutting-edge methods designed for the brand that’s just not flowering right. Whether you join us for one session or order the full bouquet, you’re sure to reap a beautiful garden of success.


Inspired by our love of springtime stargazing, this approach pinpoints your brand’s astrological sign then maps it to your brand positioning to outshine the competition. Discover your brand’s behaviors, tendencies and co-branding preferences. Comes with a Daily Brand Horoscope and a keepsake necklace.


Spring clean your team. We’ll meet in a sterile location and hug each employee to see if they spark joy. If they don’t, we’ll thank them thoughtfully and have a Lyft take them to your regional unemployment office. Employees who make the cut will return to their cubbies to rid their spaces of all worldly possessions. At the end of the day we’ll gather together in the middle of the office, hold hands and visualize our perfect brand world. As a bonus, all employees will receive a new wardrobe made entirely of free trade off-white linen and love.


Hatching a new product but can’t find a name? Let’s unplug, get dirty and go deep to unearth your next big hit. We’ll kick off with a weekend retreat in the sacred mud baths bordering Dingwall, Scotland, where we’ll fellowship in grass huts and eat bugs until your new brand name bubbles up from the earth in Morse code. *Results not guaranteed, but a great single malt is.


Are you ready to uncover your Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) brand innovation? We knew you were! This proprietary process is all about opening your minds and getting back to your animal instincts. Stop overthinking things and put the decision-making into the hooves of the experts. Bring your concept ideas to LBB’s rooftop farm and our team of brand-savvy goats (LBBaas) will eat the ideas they’re not really feeling. The remaining design is sure to stand out from the flock! We find this process works particularly well for food and beverage brands.


What do you get when you combine some of Instagram’s biggest influencers with grain alcohol? A damn good time and more social media love than you can shake a stick at. Get out of the boardroom, put your party pants on and don’t forget to bring your mobile device. We guarantee at least 10 quality new posts, 500+ new followers and a night you’ll never forget, but may not remember. Tylenol included. Sign up today! We’ll bring the antihistamine-you bring the passion! Sign Up!

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