Reinvent the brand. Previously named ‘Potion’ and available in convenience stores, there was an opportunity to rebrand these shots as healthful elixirs available in natural food stores.


First and canadian viagra foremost, vibrant color palettes were chosen to speak to the nature of each SKU – relaxing blues for ‘Calm’, vital reds for ‘Immunity’, medicinal greens for ‘Detox, stimulating oranges for ‘Focus’, and uplifting yellows for ‘Energy’. The shots literally radiate the healthful goodness inside the bottle. The badge locks up vital information while remaining organic and having a little fun with ‘Tonic No 1′. Key ingredients are featured on the neck, with the online pharmacy with prescription viagra placement keeping critical information from falling into the bottle gutters.

Production Leadership Notes

Reverse printed spot on shrink film
4C Process on carton stock
Center logo over boxes

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