The Epic Seed


Create a new yogurt brand that combines the goodness of Greek yogurt with on-trend superfood chia.


Since this upstart brand had limited marketing dollars, the packaging had to pack a real punch. We started with a hand drawn logo with typography that nestles inside a seedpod. That shape is replicated on bottom of pack where key nutritionals are called out and generic lowest price viagra backed in complimentary colors to stand out against each chia flavor. Hand drawn ‘Greek Yogurt + Chia’ type stands out prominently against the white yogurt backdrop, while flavor is locked up at the bottom and stands out against the deep colors of the chia. The lid is a feast for the obtain a prescription for viagra eyes itself, filled with custom illustrations. The idea was to graphically depict all the nutritional benefits that each container of The Epic Seed promises. Illustrations continue down the side of pack and call out more key features, such as Non GMO and Gluten free.

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