Perform a facelift on the brewery’s signature brand, with the stipulation that it be a step up in quality but a step down in cost. Take things to the next level, allowing the brewery to begin growing marketshare for this brand.


What stands out with this redesign is that less can really be more – although materials were seriously reduced, shelf impact increased tenfold. The personality of this beer was ramped up, making it cool and quirky again.

Smaller labels were chosen to draw the eye away from the top of the bottle (these are recycled bottles, and it’s possible to end up with more than one bottle shape per 6pack). The neck labels are unique and meant to be conversation starters featuring sayings like “best head in town” and “light beers ahead”. All cartons and carriers were designed on unbleached kraft stock, which is not only more environmentally friendly, but also gave the beer a more hand tooled feel. The smaller labels use 40% less paper than previous labels, and the cube 12-packs use 25% less material than traditional 12-pack boxes.The lion illustration was redrawn, and has actually become the new face of the brewery as well.

Production Notes

Steel cap
Custom 6-pack die

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