Exercise control. Move the brand forward in an appropriate and respectful way. Address a number of production challenges that needed fixing, including an icon that wouldn’t reproduce across the look here viagra soft tabs 100 mg line, and serious color consistency issues.


New structure was developed to give the line a custom look. The bottles are a nod to cheap levitra prices with prescription the brand’s uber popular 1980′s bottle – with a slim body and a flared foot. They are designed to nest on shelf and utilize the same cap.

The label design was simplified and modernized. The logotype was ‘finessed’ to increase readability, and the information organized to decrease clutter and provide for strong brand blocking across the line. A monotone icon was created that could reproduce consistently, and silver was added to increase impact. The styling line went to matte varnishes to give them a new high-end feel, and colors were updated and modernized.

Production Notes

Dry-Offset on aluminium cans
Litho on steel cans
Custom fluorescent inks
Silver substrate coordination
Substrate color matching
Cap color matching

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